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Welcome to the Red Dragon Kinship Page.

The Red Dragon kinship was founded on 29-07-2012 by Foxx Bode. Red Dragon started somewhere in 2006 in Secondlife and became a very successful "virtual" club. After 3 years Foxx Bode retired from SL, and migrated the club to OSgrid. With less time building in 3d worlds, Foxx started playing LOTRO. 

After 3 of the kinships he joined collapsed, Foxx decided to put all his alts in the same kin, no longer being dependable on the moods of other people. Red Dragon is thus an inactive kinship. We dont do raids, FLL groupquesting, or other social stuff other than skirmishes. To join, you have to be one badass Solo capable player. Nobody to hold your hand here. You can safely "park" your alt in this kinship, level it up, and move it to an active kinship if required. We don't do drama and the kin will remain "up" as long as the server is.

So if your looking for group action, endgame, and much social interaction, do NOT join us. If your a Dragon, can stand Solitude, and wield weapons facing the meanest Trolls in LOTRO all by yourself, this is your sanctuary. This kin is not actively recruiting. If you still would like an invite, send a tell to one of our officers. 


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Red Dragon KinSite Live on GuildPortal!

FoxxBode, Jul 29, 12 5:09 AM.
The notorious Red Dragon landed in Lord of the Rings Online. 

For more info on Red Dragon, visit red-dragon-club.blogspot.com or check us on Twitter 
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